Shannon & Jason


Congrats to this beautiful couple, Shannon & Jason.  Love, joy, kindness, smiles, and true beauty shines from these two.  Their wedding day was nothing short of perfection.  They waited to see each other until the walk down the aisle, so we had so much fun ahead of the ceremony taking a few pictures and getting ready...


Make-up is applied with care, the pocket square is folded just so, and the rings are safely pocketed away.  And in just minutes, this gorgeous bride walks down the aisle to her groom.  The ceremony was filled with joy and a true gratefulness for what God has given each of them and for Him being the best foundation for their days ahead.

They are the cutest!!  Next up...a few pictures of the them and the entire crew before the party begins...

Metamora Fields did not disappoint as we all began one of the best celebrations ever.  Elegantly decorated and cozy-warm away from the October flurries outside!  

May God bless you two for many many years to come.  Marriage already looks good on you.

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding & Family Photographer | Family First