About Lauren


Lime is, and always has been, my signature color.  You’ll find it all over my house, my wardrobe, and my office.  My friends and family know this quirk about me, and they also know my passion for photography.  I have my camera in hand at all times and find such joy capturing a memory in a unique way.  Time and time again, I delight in catching a sweet smile of a toddler or a loving look between engaged couples.  I love being a part of each family for a few hours as I strive to truly reflect their closeness and enjoyment with each other.

LOVE... Love is the root of family.  Each family looks different, but it thrives in love.  Mine included.  I adore my husband and three boys.  Some days I may count down to bedtime a bit quicker than others, but not one day passes that I don't thank God for my house of boys.  Families are knit together day by day, with each hill and valley discovered and conquered together.  It takes an unconditional love between each member to stand strong as a family in today's world.  I am truly blessed and honored to be asked to photograph the bond that holds Signature Lime families together.  

LAUGHTER...  My laugh can be heard a mile away.  One of my favorite traits.  Life is too short and too tough to skip out on laughter.  We flourish when we laugh.  Laughter can bring a family together, a couple away from an argument, and make a kid way cuter with each giggle.  Don't be surprised if I crack a few jokes during a session...I love capturing that laugh.  It's my favorite picture in the gallery, every single time.

LIGHT...  Photography's foundation is light.  Taking a good picture requires crazy-good knowledge of light.  Much like life.  I believe that the one true Light is our foundation.  The gift God gave us through Jesus Christ brings purpose to each day, and it's His Light that we reflect within our family, relationships, and daily life.  Reflect the Light.  I hope you'll see it reflecting through me as I passionately delight in photographing your family. 

I am blessed.  I truly love my "job" because I never see it that way.  I live with Love, Laughter, and Light and hope that each photograph shows the same for your family.

(317) 525.5337