Fancy Camera 101

This beginner class class will take you from auto-mode to manual-mode in just two hours.  You will learn about the exposure triangle, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and depth of field.  We will discuss situational photography and when to use what settings depending on where you are...or how fast your subject is running.  This is an information-packed night, complete with a dessert bar to fuel you through!   | $45 |

Few & Fancy 201

Did you love 'Fancy Camera 101' but just want a smaller group and more personalized instruction on how to dive further into manual-mode?  This class is a great next step.  With only six students, you will be able to perfect your skills with me right by your side.  There will be lots of flexible time to ask the questions that matter to you.  We will cover higher level aspects of manual photography as well including white balance, lighting and toggle focus.  This is a two hour class that meets twice...with a little homework in between including 24/7 (almost!) access to me for questions online.  There will be a model on the second session so you can see how I would go about getting a perfect picture with the current weather conditions, and then you can give it a try too. This class will leave you feeling confident and excited to leave auto-mode behind for good.  | $175 |


Sporty Shutters

Have you always wanted to capture your son scoring a goal or your daughter spiking for the win?  This small group mentoring class will focus on capturing those precious high speed moments of your family.  You will learn how light and shutter speed work together to freeze action...or let in motion blur to make your child look pro.  We will attack the basics in a classroom environment, but then we will venture to a local sporting event to practice our new skills.  A zoom lens is needed for this class as well as transportation during the class.  Class size is five students and the class will be three hours, including drive time. | $95 |

One-on-One Mentoring

One-on-One mentoring is a great option for someone wanting help mastering specific photography skills.  Perhaps you own a business and need help with product photography or flat lays.  Perhaps you are a show choir parent and need help mastering very low light situations or moving spotlights.  This mentoring session will be designed collaboratively ahead of time so I can best help you master your skill in a short time. It is $60 an hour, and you can bring your friend along at half price if you'd like.  | $60 |


*Upcoming classes include: Kids Mini-Camp, Wiggly Wonders, and Editing*