Chelsea & Sean

Congrats to this beautiful couple!  Chelsea & Sean's wedding was perfect in every way...and the 20mph winds made it especially memorable.  Chelsea, the master planner, had every detail just right.  However, the true Master Planner brought these two together Saturday to be an amazing force in His kingdom.  I have no doubt so many will be brought closer to Jesus through knowing them.  Let's take a look at their special day at Zyntango Farms ...

These handsome guys were a calm, cool, collected bunch.  True friends and brothers from many seasons of Sean's life.  Sean's best man and brother, Donovan, made sure Sean was looking his best for the day...mission accomplished.  The ladies were putting on their finishing touches in the gorgeous barn.  Chelsea was absolutely stunning...

She's gorgeous right?!?!  Clearly Sean agreed and could not believe how blessed he was as he looked at his bride for the first time.  After soaking in precious moments of silence together, we braved the wind for a few memorable photos...

Guests waited anxiously as the wedding party began walking down the aisle.  Chelsea was escorted by her mom, and her sweet dad watched from those beautiful clouds above. It was a perfect ceremony in every possible way.

We all had a bit more fun capturing the moment in time when all of Sean & Chelsea's beloved family and friends were together...even this World Race bunch representing many states.

And then the first dance, a few sunset pictures, and an emotional mother/son and father/daughter tradition...held tight by the many strong and loving men Chelsea still has on this earth as cherished mentors.  I doubt there was a dry eye in the crowd.  Oh, and cake...can't forget the cake!

Before the storms came in, the dance floor was busy and laughter filled the air.  It was truly a celebration of such an amazing couple.

Congrats Sean & Chelsea!  It was an honor and joy to be a part of your wedding day!  I'm excited to see what path God has for you both together!  XOXO

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding & Family Photographer | Family First