2016 Highlights

2016.  I can't believe it is gone!  Personally, it was a wonderfully exhausting year of change.  We moved with three little boys.  Enough said.  God kept me afloat throughout it all....and He continues to bless me with clients (FRIENDS) to keep my brain and creativity alive and well!  I have loved getting to know each of these families and hope to see them all again in 2017. 

Although there are TONS more pictures of each of these 49 families, I picked out my personal favs.  Join me in seeing Love, Laughter & Light through the eyes of kids, brides, dads, babies, grandmas, grooms, and, of course, moms.  

Although each of these families have a "everyone looking at the camera smiling" picture in their gallery...it is rarely the most cherished shot of the day.  I absolutely adore getting a toddler's true laughter, capturing the genuine love between mom and dad, and freezing the pure joy of a wedding day.  2016 did not disappoint with the laughter and love of all these Signature Lime families!

Hard to pick a favorite picture, isn't it?  I'm thinking that's mostly because ALL of these families are top-notch...and it's the families that make the picture, not the photographer.  

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Family & Wedding Photographer | Family First