Hannah & Connor

Congrats Hannah and Connor!  Your wedding day was absolute perfection.  Both of you never stopped smiling, and it was so clear your marriage was off to a great start as you loved each other, served each other, and made sure God was number one all day.

It was so fun getting a front row seat to all the preparations and meeting the most amazing people in your wedding party...

This was a wedding party that was truly a party!  All. Day. Long.  It was apparent that God had brought each of these people into your lives throughout the years to support and love you...as they will continue to do I'm sure.

Seriously, could a bride get any more beautiful??  And as they saw each other for the very first time...Connor couldn't hold back the tears.  Anyone in the room could sense his complete awe and humble thankfulness as his bride strolled down the aisle with her dad.

As the sun set so perfectly on their day, we all enjoyed a few chilly pictures and laughs together.  And Connor and Hannah??  They enjoyed kissing:)

On to wedding cake, dancing, and a party with hundreds of family and friends.  Blessed.  So very blessed.

Best wishes to you both, Hannah and Connor!  May God continue to use you in each other's lives and the lives of those around you.  Your joy is simply contagious.

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Family First