Cows, Kids and a Camera

A field trip to the dairy farm?  100% Yes, Please!  Extremely honored and excited to be go by my first grade son.  Yet, I was not surprised when he chose to hang out with his friends instead.  Not to worry, this photog mama had her camera ready and had the perfect morning of capturing the essence of 30 adorable kids and 100 smelly cows.

I was having a great time going beyond the boundary lines the kids had to stop at and climbing the who-knows-what piles to get just the right shot.  Little did I know, a few kids were watching me.  One little girl came to me to tell me that the black cow with the orange hair was really pretty, and I needed to get a picture of that one.  To her shock, I quickly handed over my camera and taught her how to shoot a "big fancy camera".  Her awesome picture is above in the middle.

So, I'm clearly not a farm girl, but I had no idea that cows were born without teeth.  I also had no idea that being a human pacifier for them was part of the tour.  Impressive.

On to the chickens, horses, and goats.  Love the way these sweet friends walk from place to place.  Field trips tend to have much more to them than just learning something new.

This field trip was a success.  Thanks to Linden Hill Farms for letting us learn first-hand how much work it is to get a gallon of milk.  And thanks to my son for inviting me.  I will ALWAYS make time if you invite me.

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Family First