Meet Bentley

Welcome to this world, Bentley!  At only eight days old, you have successfully changed the lives of Mom, Dad, and big brother.  Just look at that sweet face...calmly taking in the shiny camera lens and clicking sounds of the shutter.

Perhaps I'm partial, but being a mom of boys is SO special.  And this mom already rocks it...Max and Bentley are so blessed.  And dad is just counting down the days to take his boys to ballparks, football stadiums, and everywhere in between.  

I've had the privilege and joy to photograph so many beautiful moments in this sweet family's life.  Seeing Max as a proud big brother is one of my favorite.  He's a spirited, super happy, and curious little guy.  I'm guessing the brotherly wrestling matches will start rather quickly in this house!  

Congrats Zack & Laura on such a precious addition to your beautiful family.  May you understand love on yet another level...and laugh with all the additional noise and dirt along the way.

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Family First