Zoe & Kyle

Zoe and Kyle are a match made in heaven. Congrats to you both on such a gorgeous wedding day and beginning of a beautiful marriage. The day started off with many fun preparations for the ladies at Holly’s adorable house…

The guys were getting ready just next door…and catching the final few minutes of the World Cup game too:)

The first look was pure perfection. The grounds of Luthy Botanical Garden were pristine and the two were so ready to see each other. He could hardly believe his eyes…

So many fun, and super hot, pictures were taken. This wedding party was such a delight. Everyone was enjoying the moment and knowing that God had blessed each of them with these friendships over their college years.

Time to get married!! Off to Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Illinois we went. Laughter, prayers, and last minute make-up and Jimmy John’s filled the bridal room. And as Zoe walked down the aisle, happy tears were flowing. Such a beautiful bride…and a ceremony that reflected their love for Christ and each other.

Time to celebrate with all their friends and family! The Trailside Event Center did not disappoint. It’s industrial chic feel was so unique! The reception included touching toasts, cupcakes, Avanti’s, dancing, and even a Kyle Zeman original song just for his bride.

Such a joy and honor to be a part of this wedding day and to call so many of the people at this wedding friends. I know with certainty that God will use you, Zoe & Kyle, in big ways. Congrats.

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding & Family Photographer | Family First