Hakes Family

It's always a joy to spend a few hours with this family.  They are fun-loving, laid-back, and oh-so-adorable.  These kids just keep growing right before my eyes...and multiplying!  Congrats to Sara and David on their precious addition just a few weeks ago.  Now you have four perfect kiddos and a beautiful marriage to hold it all together.

Half of our time together was full of laughter, jumping around, hide-n-seek, watching cows, picking flowers, and braving the wind.  The other half was a bit calmer.  Just look at sweet Beatrice!  Five pounds of pure sweetness.  

Always a pleasure Hakes Family.  Thanks for letting me be a small part of your life during such an important time.  Can't wait for all four kids to run circles around me next time!

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding & Family Photographer | Family First