Megan & Alex

If this young love doesn't make you smile, I'm not sure what will.  Megan & Alex were constantly smiling, laughing and enjoying every single detail of their beautiful wedding day.  It all started in a penthouse overlooking downtown Indianapolis...

The father of the bride fought back a few tears as he prepared to walk Megan down the aisle later that day.  But first...figuring out the veil and heading to the much anticipated 'first look.'

And talk about full of joy!  This wedding party was enjoying every minute of the day.  Non-stop laughter.  They were cherishing each second with Megan & Alex before they flew off to their Texas home awaiting them.

Now off to Indy's finest, the Rathskeller, for a gorgeous ceremony and lively reception. Last minute hair fix and a prayer started it off right.

Here comes the Bride...and a couple of adorable kids too.  Megan & Alex tied the knot and the party started.  Cake first, of course.

After the bride and groom warmed up the dance floor, there was no stopping this crowd of family and friends.  

Alex grabbed his bride and ran through the tunnel on their way out to begin their marriage.  They cherished the support of family and friends that made up that tunnel.  

Congrats Megan & Alex!  Indy is sad to see you go, but Texas is one lucky state to receive a couple so committed to each other and to God.  May your marriage strengthen daily and your love grow exponentially.  

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Family First