Rebecca & Tim

Such a gorgeous day for this gorgeous couple.  Rebecca and Tim...what a joy it was to see your smiles all day long!  Your love and the love of family and friends around you was so evident and so beautiful.

Their first look was a hot one and the temperature continued to soar to almost 100 degrees that day...but they didn't care.  She was breathtaking, he was speechless.  Perhaps a few tears were shed as they realized this was the day, the first day of the rest of their lives as Mr. & Mrs.

The wedding party was beyond fun...all day long.  Smiles and laughs were abundant.

Such a beautiful bride.  Everyone in the room right before the ceremony kept gasping, taking pictures, and even crying.  There's a lot of love in this crew.  Tim even sent flowers in the morning to greet his bride.  

The ceremony was perfect.  So many people came to celebrate and support this great couple.  

After a brief stop at Jimmy's to celebrate, we continued to brave the heat for a few more pictures.  This wedding  Seriously, the laughs just kept on rolling.

As for the reception, it is impossible to pick out the best parts.  The photo booth? The delicious and stunning cake? The touching toasts? The emotional dances leading to tears of joy? Or perhaps the one-of-a-kind dance put on by parents of the groom and their friends?  

Congrats Rebecca & Tim!  May your lifelong marriage be as joyous as your wedding day.

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Family First