Sweet Ishani

This girl.  She is so full of life, energy, smiles, and pure kindness.  I could photograph her for days.

While I typically spend some time playing with kids, finding bugs, chasing toddlers, or playing hide-and-seek before I grab the camera...not this time.  I barely had the camera out of the bag before she was ready for her modeling career to take off.  

Her mom and grandma are her world, her love, and her strong foundation.  What a gift to capture it through pictures...for me to witness and for them to treasure forever.

Ishani, it was so fun to spin around, dance, and blow dandelions with you.  Can't wait to crunch the fall leaves...tell your mom I will find, or make, the biggest leaf pile ever!  Any girl who brings me so many smiles, and brings me the most perfect art for my office wall, deserves the best!!

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Family First