Bathtub Antics

Have you ever just stopped and enjoyed the FUN of being a parent?  And you told yourself not to forget this moment...since they grow up so quickly?  And has this moment ever happened when you would have never imagined it?

With my hubby out of town one night, I tried to talk myself out of the need for a bath for these boys.  If there is one parenting duty I dislike's probably bath time.  But, since dirt had found each of them that day, like everyday, I gave the "okay" for a bath.  Shocked, the boys ran upstairs, clothes were flying off with each step, and the screaming of joy commenced.  Seriously, close to Christmas excitement around here.  I said a prayer and hoped for the best...for their safety and the bathroom that should really be made of steel.  

And then...miraculously...I saw the JOY instead of the MESS.  And ran for the camera.  These days and moments won't last long.  I even took a risk that I'd miss it when I ran for the camera!  

So, I challenge you, say a prayer, grab a towel, and look for the JOY your kids have to offer.  

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Family First