Capture the Everyday

Our Easter pictures.  Yes, we all dressed up for church, and I made them all smile for the "big camera" before they could touch what the Easter bunny gave them.  And you'll see that picture below.  But really...I've got a secret.

The secret is...we only dress up that nice 360 days of the year.  Easter, Christmas, and a few family picture days.  These are the true Spillman boys.  Grass stained sweatpants, Colts/Cubs/Purdue/Airplane branded clothing, and not one thing matching.  Shoes tend to be optional too.  This Easter, they also sported face paint, and Finn, of course, showed off his youngest brother battle scars on his face.

So, this year, I captured the 'everyday' Spillman boys and family.  THIS is how I want to remember my boys.  Enjoying wrestling, laughing, and getting dirty.  


Family traditions also run deep within us.  Easter egg dying and the egg hunt being a couple of them.  These I hope to capture in their raw joyful state too...although I could admittedly be better at capturing them between holidays.  Uncle Nick is always a part of the Easter traditions, and hopefully many more soon since I get to move home to Indy soon.


Below you'll see the sought-after smiley Easter family picture.  Actually a pretty good one...thanks Mom!  I may print that one and hang it somewhere soon.  However, it's the "Everyday" captures that will inevitably bring tears to my eyes one day when my boys grow up.  So, maybe a canvas for them.

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Family First