Hakes Family

It's always a joy to spend a few hours with this family.  They are fun-loving, laid-back, and oh-so-adorable.  These kids just keep growing right before my eyes...and multiplying!  Congrats to Sara and David on their precious addition just a few weeks ago.  Now you have four perfect kiddos and a beautiful marriage to hold it all together.

Half of our time together was full of laughter, jumping around, hide-n-seek, watching cows, picking flowers, and braving the wind.  The other half was a bit calmer.  Just look at sweet Beatrice!  Five pounds of pure sweetness.  

Always a pleasure Hakes Family.  Thanks for letting me be a small part of your life during such an important time.  Can't wait for all four kids to run circles around me next time!

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding & Family Photographer | Family First

Jana & Douglas

Congrats to Jana & Douglas...such a Christ-centered, loving, and extremely giving couple.  Their special day was filled with friends and family that loved each of them so dearly.  It was evident that over the past years, Jana and Douglas had selflessly loved and helped so many friends.  Today was their day to be loved...to look around the room at the hundreds of people, from many seasons of life, and know they have a special connection to each of them.

Their bridal party was full of fun!  We were even blessed with gorgeous weather that we had yet to see all year so far.  There was a little bit of prep for the big day too...

The sanctuary was filled with so many friends and family...but no one wanted to see Jana more than Douglas.  Keeping with traditions, they had yet to see each other before she elegantly walked down the aisle.  So rooted in their faith, it was not surprising that they wanted the very first part of the ceremony to be worshipping God through beautiful music.

They said "I Do!"  Now on to the party...

Conversations and laughter were flowing through the reception hall rapidly.  The party even continued outdoors with a bit of midwestern corn hole action.  It was truly a party.

And just like that...they were off!  It was the most perfect day for the most perfect couple.  I am excited to see what God does through them as a couple, because He sure did use them daily to encourage others during their single hood.  Congrats Jana & Douglas!  Such an honor to be a part of your wedding day!

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding & Family Photographer | Family First

Bethany & Mark

Congrats Bethany & Mark!! Such a wonderful couple!  The day was filled with love, laughter, and laid-back genuine celebration and support.  Such a joy to be a part of it!  Let's start with the rehearsal, including an unforgettable fake proposal...

This crowd could've enjoyed each other all night long, but there was a wedding to get ready for!  Early in the morning the ladies gathered to get ready.  And the sweet moment with Dad?? Priceless.

Plenty of last minute preparations for the guys too...including figuring out those bow ties.

And perhaps the bride and groom's favorite moment of the day...their first look.  It was followed by a few sweet quiet moments before they went down the aisle.

In a gorgeous wedding venue, The Silver Fox, friends and family gathered to support and cheer on the couple to marriage.  

This wedding party was SO loving, accepting, and fun, and even I felt part of the family!  So, there were no delays...on to the party!  I loved the early wedding and brunch with mimosas idea...complete with a pool table and donuts.  Love.

And no wedding is complete without dancing!

All the best to you Bethany and Mark!  It was such a privilege and joy to be a part of your wedding, and part of your family, for the day.

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding & Family Photographer | Family First

Amy & Jonathan

This dynamic couple could easily power the world with their joy!  They are made for each other.  God will no doubt use them in big ways.  It was a perfectly gorgeous freezing cold Saturday with rare snow covering the ground in Memphis, Tennessee.  Oh, but the inside of this church and the stunning Amy walking the aisle might just top the beauty of the outdoors.

Before this breathtaking evening wedding began, there were quite a few preparations...along with TONS of hugs and laughter.

And the celebration continued at the beautiful Memphis Botanic Gardens.  These two newlyweds literally ran right to the dance floor and never once sat down all night.  Not once.

This dance floor was never empty.  Ever.  It was a reception full of so much energy and love.

After a few weeks to relax in New Zealand, these two are off to Italy to begin their life together.  They have been brought together by God to do his work there.  Watch out Italy...you're going to fall in love with this Mr. & Mrs.

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Family First

2016 Highlights

2016.  I can't believe it is gone!  Personally, it was a wonderfully exhausting year of change.  We moved with three little boys.  Enough said.  God kept me afloat throughout it all....and He continues to bless me with clients (FRIENDS) to keep my brain and creativity alive and well!  I have loved getting to know each of these families and hope to see them all again in 2017. 

Although there are TONS more pictures of each of these 49 families, I picked out my personal favs.  Join me in seeing Love, Laughter & Light through the eyes of kids, brides, dads, babies, grandmas, grooms, and, of course, moms.  

Although each of these families have a "everyone looking at the camera smiling" picture in their gallery...it is rarely the most cherished shot of the day.  I absolutely adore getting a toddler's true laughter, capturing the genuine love between mom and dad, and freezing the pure joy of a wedding day.  2016 did not disappoint with the laughter and love of all these Signature Lime families!

Hard to pick a favorite picture, isn't it?  I'm thinking that's mostly because ALL of these families are top-notch...and it's the families that make the picture, not the photographer.  

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Family & Wedding Photographer | Family First

Hannah & Connor

Congrats Hannah and Connor!  Your wedding day was absolute perfection.  Both of you never stopped smiling, and it was so clear your marriage was off to a great start as you loved each other, served each other, and made sure God was number one all day.

It was so fun getting a front row seat to all the preparations and meeting the most amazing people in your wedding party...

This was a wedding party that was truly a party!  All. Day. Long.  It was apparent that God had brought each of these people into your lives throughout the years to support and love you...as they will continue to do I'm sure.

Seriously, could a bride get any more beautiful??  And as they saw each other for the very first time...Connor couldn't hold back the tears.  Anyone in the room could sense his complete awe and humble thankfulness as his bride strolled down the aisle with her dad.

As the sun set so perfectly on their day, we all enjoyed a few chilly pictures and laughs together.  And Connor and Hannah??  They enjoyed kissing:)

On to wedding cake, dancing, and a party with hundreds of family and friends.  Blessed.  So very blessed.

Best wishes to you both, Hannah and Connor!  May God continue to use you in each other's lives and the lives of those around you.  Your joy is simply contagious.

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Family First

Brenneman Family

These five take the definition of 'family' to a whole other level.  True love, sacrifice, togetherness, and laughter goes on daily in their home.  Activities they share depends on the sports season...but with the Cubs as their baseball love, they were at an all time high just a few weeks ago.  To anyone who knows these guys...you are blessed, right??

Love this family.  Period.

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Family First

McClintic Family

This family of seventeen knows what family means.  They never tire of helping and encouraging each other.  They all love Jesus with their whole heart, and it shows in every possible way.  What an honor and joy to know them, call them dear friends, and photograph them all together.

Some families inspire you to be better...in many different ways.  This is one of those precious families.  

Lauren Spillman | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Family First